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"Adding OnMyCalendar to our school's web site helped us do a better job communicating with parents and the community."

OnMyCalendar For Schools

OnMyCalendar provides several useful tools to help schools improve communication with students, parents and the community. Use OnMyCalendar to

Add Calendars And News To Your Web Site

OnMyCalendar's Web Site Tools (WST) provides a quick, easy resource to add calendars and news listings to any school web site. Enable parents, students and the community to stay up-to-date on upcoming school activities and important announcements.

WST seamlessly integrates with your web site so that calendars don't have that "tacked on" look. Add calendars and news listings to your web pages with just a couple of lines of code. Web programming and support is significantly reduced and there's no hardware or software to buy or support.

WST gives your web site the power and sophistication of a content management system without the overhead or constraints. Start with a single, simple calendar. As you become comfortable and enjoy the benefits, deploy OnMyCalendar in other areas of the school.


The school calendar is one of your most important "live" documents. WST easily handles everything from simple calendars to complex, multi-calendar needs. Add "Upcoming Events" lists, consolidated calendars, test schedules, sports calendars and more to your web site.

There are many calendar formats to choose from and each format is highly customizable — selection of event categories, date ranges, data fields, headings, and much more.

When you enter events into the system, all of your calendars are updated automatically. With OnMyCalendar, enter data once and use it repeatedly — on the web, on paper, and with e-mail.

News / Announcements

Your web site is your best and most reliable bullhorn. Display news and announcements using WST's news listing tools.

Create multiple news listings to serve different purposes. You might put a "Breaking News" section on your home page to increase visibility, and a news archive on another page. The choice is yours.

With WST, updating your news is very simple. Log in to OnMyCalendar and enter the item on the Add News form. Your web page is updated immediately, and without any HTML programming.

To simplify things further, give userids to others so they can enter news items directly. If you need to retain editorial control, you can require that an authorized user approve items before they actually display on your web site.

Quick, easy administration

No more formatting, web programming, HTML debugging and uploading every time you have new events or news items to publish. Just give staff authorized access — teachers, coaches, administrators or principal — and they can easily add items within a few moments.

All data entry in OnMyCalendar is handled in easy-to-use forms. When you enter event or news item descriptions, you use a Word-like editor that displays text just like it will display on the web page. Our editor also allows you to enter web links, pictures and videos without any special web programming jargon. This makes it easy for non-webmasters to enter events and news items directly.

Web Forms

Every organization seems to have an endless need to collect, massage and report information from staff and customers. Schools are certainly no exception. OnMyCalendar's Web Forms provides a very easy-to-use tool to build and display forms, and collect submissions.

Use Web Forms on your public web site for "Contact Us" forms, sign-up requests, survey forms and more.

For internal uses, send e-mail forms to staff to collect information.

Web Forms is very powerful yet doesn't require any programming knowledge. After taking a few minutes to build your form, simply e-mail a web link to your recipients (for internal forms) or embed the form on your web page (external forms).

OnMyCalendar validates users' input based upon the rules you define. Once completed, submissions are immediately stored in our database. You can view the database online and/or download it into Excel.

Web Forms is a very effective tool that can save you a tremendous amount of time.

Teacher Web Sites

OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Site (PWS) is a great tool for teachers to use for their own web sites. PWS is a full-featured content management system designed for individuals.

  • Teachers build fully functional web sites
  • No HTML programming
  • Teachers can craft their sites to meet their specific needs
  • PWS is very easy to learn, often without training
  • Sites have a consistent look-and-feel, mimicking the school's web site
  • Ample storage is provided to upload notes, handouts and more

For more information about Personal Web Sites for Teachers, click here.

School Staff Web Site

OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Site (PWS) can be used by a variety of groups within the school. It is very easy, for example, to set up a password-protected Staff Web Site for private, but not sensitive, information. Features of a PWS-provided staff web site include:

  • Public/open or password-protected access
  • One password for all users, no password management
  • Accessible and updatable from school and home
  • Create web pages of policies, procedures and instructions
  • Include staff calendars, department calendars, birthday calendars, news, and others
  • Display resource / room schedules
  • Post downloadable forms and documents
  • Collect information using Web Forms
  • Public school events automatically added to staff calendar

Your staff (or department) web site is a fully functional web site. It is very easy to learn to use and no web programming is required. Start by filling a specific need and let it grow as you find other uses for it.

Resource / Room Scheduling

Tracking room and resource reservations in a school is no simple task. Media Centers, equipment and common areas all must be managed. WST's Calendars have features that allow you to easily manage your resources.

Use our web-based calendars to display resource schedules — who's using the resources and when. Calendars can be displayed in daily, weekly and monthly formats.

Display each resource on a separate calendar or combine various resources on a single calendar. Mix and match as you want.

Reservations can be entered by each resources' manager or you can provide requesters the ability to enter reservations directly. Since OnMyCalendar allows you to set up multiple userids with different authorizations, you have tremendous flexibility to tailor the system to meet your needs.

Simple Tools, Big Benefits

OnMyCalendar provides you the tools to make your website a "go to" place for information.

  • Give parents, students and staff easy access to information they need
  • Reduce phone calls and extra photocopies
  • Boost attendance and involvement
  • Simply start with the tool for the problem you need to address
  • Be up-and-running in less than 30 minutes

To try OnMyCalendar for Schools, click here to sign up.

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