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"These tools are awesome. They've cut down our website maintenance to almost nothing."
OnMyCalendar Features

OnMyCalendar provides a very powerful set of tools to improve communication with your audience and reduce your workload.

OnMyCalendar's tools are very easy to set up and use. If you already have a web site, simply paste the 'embed code' in your web page and you're set. If you don't have a web site, use OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Site tool to create one.

OnMyCalendar let's you grow at your pace. Start by using one tool, then begin using other tools as you see a need for them.


Create one or more calendars to display your events to web visitors. You can create customized 'Upcoming Events' calendars, standard monthly, weekly and daily calendars, 'Past Events' calendars and many more.

There are hundreds of customizations you can make so that your calendar fits your needs and integrates tightly with your web site's format and colors.

Displaying Events

OnMyCalendar provides ample room for you to describe your events. Descriptions can include text, images, videos, links to other web pages, and much more. Customize how OnMyCalendar displays event details to web visitors.

Entering Events

OnMyCalendar provides a very easy-to-use form to enter simple events, yet provides capabilities to handle almost any special situation. Our powerful word processing editor and data entry shortcuts make event entry easy and quick.

News Listings

Successful web sites provide current news about their organization's activities. Use OnMyCalendar's News Listings to display your organizations' news to your web visitors. Create news listings for different purposes — "Breaking News" listings for your home page, news archives to showcase older news, and more.

As with calendars, OnMyCalendar provides tremendous flexibility in how you enter and display news on your site.

Room / Resource Schedules

OnMyCalendar provides a simple and flexible tool to schedule rooms, people, equipment, vehicles and community property. View your schedules using a format that works best for your needs. As you enter reservations, the system protects your resources from overbooking. Since OnMyCalendar is entirely Internet-based, there's no software to buy, maintain or backup.

Web Forms

Use OnMyCalendar to collect information over the Internet. Web Forms provides an easy-to-use tool to create and deploy forms, collect and validate responses, and provide reports. Deploy forms such as contact forms, registrations, surveys, feedback forms, quizzes and more. Like all OnMyCalendar services, there's no software to maintain, and no programming or HTML knowledge required. You'll be up and running in minutes.

Personal Web Site

Don't have a web site? Not a problem. OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Site (PWS) tool allows you to create a full-featured web site without an ounce of HTML programming. PWS is designed for business professionals and social/activity clubs that need a web site but don't have the time or patience to learn the complexities of web site design and maintenance.

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