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"OnMyCalendar provides exactly the format and style we need. We've dropped those old geeky-looking calendars. Thank you."


With OnMyCalendar's flexibility, you can choose formats that meet the needs of your web visitors and integrate seamlessly with your web site.

Monthly / Weekly Calendars

Standard Calendar

Display a standard monthly calendar. Set the calendar's colors and font to match your web site's look and feel.

Six column calendar

If most of your events are during the week and space on your web page is tight, display a six-column calendar that combines Saturday and Sunday.

Five column calendar

The 5 column calendar is ideal for business and school day calendars. It simply displays Monday through Friday.

Multiple months at a time

If your web visitors are better served by seeing two or three months at a time, OnMyCalendar can support that as well.

Consolidated Calendars

Provide web visitors with a consolidated calendar.

Optionally enable the category list so that web visitors can select the category they want to see.

Week at a time

Weekly calendars work the same way and have the same options.

Hourly Schedule

The hourly format graphically displays the start time and duration of your events.

Choose between a seven day format or a five day format.

Calendar Lists

Upcoming Events List

Provide a basic list of events. Ideal for a home page 'Upcoming Events' list. You choose the date range to display, the fields to display, and more.

Tiny 'Upcoming Events' List

If space is precious on your home page, configure your Upcoming Events calendar to use just a little bit of room.

Include subheadings

You can have subheadings automatically display between days, weeks or months.

Add column headings

Add column headings to your schedule.

Event agendas

Simply configure your calendar to display the agenda topics for the specific days of the event.

Full Calendar Detail

Full detail

Sometimes it's best to present your upcoming events in a single, long web page.

With OnMyCalendar's word processing editor, it's very easy to include images with your event descriptions.

Partial description

If your event descriptions are long, instruct OnMyCalendar to display only a portion of the text. Web visitors can click on the events to view the full detail.

Add subheadings

You can instruct OnMyCalendar to include daily, weekly or monthly subheadings in your event listings.

Choose over 26 data fields to display on your calendars and event lists.

News Listings

'Recent News' lists

Web visitors can click on the titles for details.

Add a bit of the story

Want to display a little bit of the news item with the title? Not a problem.

Web visitors can click on the title for the whole story.

The whole story

For 'news' pages, have OnMyCalendar display the full text of your news items.

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