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"When I showed this to our teachers, they wanted to start using it immediately."

Personal Web Sites For Teachers

OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Sites allows you to create a fully functional web site without doing any HTML programming.

Personal Web Site (PWS) focuses on the functions that save you time and provide the maximum benefit to you, your students and their parents. With its intuitive and simple-to-use functions, PWS provides a very easy way to give your students 24x7 access to key class materials and increase teacher/student/parent communication.

Simple, clean design

The key to a useful web site is its content, organized in a clean design that is appealing and easy to navigate. PWS handles the design for you so that you can focus on the content.

If your school has a master account with OnMyCalendar, your site automatically matches the basic look and feel of your school's web site. If you have an individual PWS account, you can easily customize the look and feel of our stock layouts to suit your needs.

Focus on "your" priorities

Many web site solutions pigeonhole you into their structure. With PWS, you can shape the site to meet your specific needs. You can create a site with just a single page if that's all you need. Or you can have a site with submenus for each class or project you are involved in. The decision is yours.

Adding pages is very simple. When you are logged in, just click on the Add button and enter the text, pictures, videos, or attachments you want on that page. That's it.

PWS handles all of the mechanics related to your site menu. As you add pages, your menu is automatically updated. If you want to change the order of pages (or hide them), you can easily do so.

Very simple to update

Updating content couldn't be easier. Just click on the Edit button that displays on your page, edit the text in the editor, and click the Submit button.

PWS updates your web page immediately so you can see your changes.

There's no need for Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver and there are no "FTP" steps.

Entering text

When you enter text, you use a Word-like editor that displays the text just like it will display on the web page. Insert web links, pictures and videos without any special web programming jargon.

Seamless uploading

One key benefit of a web site is to make handouts, homework papers, and notes available online, 24x7. PWS provides a very easy mechanism to upload every kind of document - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, images and more.

As you edit your page, click on the Link button to upload a document and insert a link to it on your page. All in one step. If you upload an image, it is automatically inserted into your page where you want it.

Using Calendars

OnMyCalendar's built-in calendars provides a tremendous tool to help keep your site organized.

For upper grades, calendars are an obvious way to show what's due and when. If you teach multiple subjects, PWS provides a calendar for each class.

For lower grades, use calendars to keep parents abreast of key dates during the semester.

Tasks don't disappear after their due date. This makes calendars very useful archives that students can reference as they review for exams.

Students' personal calendars

To help students stay on top of their due dates and events, OnMyCalendar provides a free, personal calendar called WhatsUp.

Each student and parent can have their own WhatsUp calendar that displays the details from "their" teachers' calendars in one consolidated view. As teachers update their calendars, OnMyCalendar automatically updates WhatsUp calendars too.

WhatsUp can span schools. Parents with children in different schools can have one WhatsUp calendar displaying key dates from each student's school and teachers.

Web Forms

PWS includes a simple, but very useful Web Forms tool as well. Use Web Forms to create simple homework forms or to collect information from your students or parents.

It's very easy to create a Web Form in just a few minutes — there's no programming involved. Best of all, the results are viewable online or can be downloaded into Excel.

The power of sharing

PWS has a powerful feature that allows teachers to share pages and calendars. Unlike copy/paste, where you now maintain your own copy of text, PWS' sharing is dynamic. As the owner updates their page, your page is automatically updated as well. This is very useful when one person in a department is responsible for material that all of the teachers in the department want to display on their sites.

Likewise, if the school's web site calendar is powered by OnMyCalendar, you can instruct PWS to display the school's events on your calendar.

Your site is yours

Over time, your site becomes an integrated part of your class. Like your notes and other resources, you want to be able to continue using your site even if you switch schools. With OnMyCalendar, that's not a problem. If you switch schools, you can update your account and site layout and use the site at your new school.

Use The Web To Save Time, Not Add To Your Workload

OnMyCalendar's Personal Web Sites tool focuses on saving you time and helping you meet your core objectives:

  • Increase teacher/student/parent communications
  • Focus on teaching, not reprinting lost handouts
  • Give students 24x7 access to their class materials
  • Increase student accountability
  • Update your site at your convenience

To try Personal Web Sites for Teachers, click here to sign up.

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