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"OnMyCalendar makes updating our event calendar so easy. We can share the work now."

OnMyCalendar For Clubs

Clubs are all about things going on — socials, meetings, events, activities and more. OnMyCalendar provides a quick, easy resource to add calendars to your club website. Enable members and non-members to stay up-to-date on activities in your club.

Conquer The Update Chore

Updating the club web pages every time a new event comes up is a major drag on your time. Eliminate that chore with OnMyCalendar. Enter your events using OnMyCalendar's web-based forms and do away with finicky web programming.

OnMyCalendar seamlessly integrates with your existing website, displaying calendars as part of your web pages. And because OnMyCalendar is a web service, there's no hardware or software to buy or support.

Need to print or e-mail your calendars as well? Not a problem. Enter data once in OnMyCalendar and use it repeatedly — on the web, on paper and with e-mail.

Add It To Your Website!

Add calendars to your web pages with just a couple of lines of code.

Choose calendar formats that fit your needs. OnMyCalendar supports many different formats and options. Calendars can be adjusted to match your website's look.

Save Time!

Add calendars to your web pages with just a couple of lines of code.

No more formatting, web programming, HTML debugging and uploading every time you have new events to publish. Just give someone authorized access — a club officer, a member, or several members — and they can easily add events within a few moments.

Successful Clubs Communicate

OnMyCalendar increases member communication and makes your website a more effective and efficient tool for keeping everyone up to date.
  • Make it easy for members to know what's going on.
  • Attract new visitors by publishing your events effectively.
  • Encourage repeat visitors to your website.
OnMyCalendar provides you the tools to make your website a "go to" place for information.

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